Sunday, March 13, 2011

Book Signing at Place d'Orleans

My book signings at Coles in the Place d'Orleans Mall seems to be unusually good. The quiet Ottawa suburb of Orleans seems to to be a hive of people interested in military history. I was surprised at first, but then told that lots of personnel from DND Headquarters have chosen to live there. My book singing on March 12, 2001 was particularly satisfying. I met a presently-serving soldier who had won the Medal of Bravery in Afghanistan; a woman also in the Forces who has been in Kandahar as a supply clerk; a retired officer who had been the Canadian military attache in Paris when the Juno Beach Centre was officially opened; a retired soldier who had spent the first years of his long career in Camp Ipperwash in 1953 when I was there for the summer as a cadet (some of my best memories); a civilian who had just driven to Ottawa from far-away Labrador City to visit his daughter and who was keen enough to buy both of my books. It's meeting people like this that re-energizes me to write more about the Canadian military experience.

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