Sunday, June 6, 2010

Book placement in Calgary, Halifax & Fort Henry

I have been told that my book is a "niche" book and so may not appeal to the general reading public. I suppose that is why all the publishers turned it down and I had to resort to self-publishing. However, I consider it a good book, within its "niche" and I think the review in Esprit de Corps Magazine, and the responses to book signings last fall in Ottawa and Pembroke (next to CFB Petawawa) have validated that. So I have been searching for the markets for my "niche." I was therefore quite pleased this week when the book outlets at the Calgary Military Museums, the Halifax Citadel, and Fort Henry in Kingston have all responded readily and agreed to carry the book for this summer season. Good luck and good crowds to them all! I am very encouraged by this progress.

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