Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book Signing on 19 June and Sale to a RC Dragoon

I thought I would be smart and have a book signing on June 19, the Saturday before Father's Day at the largest book store in Ottawa, Chapters on Rideau Street. I forgot however about what happens on a beautiful warm day in June when there are four festivals going on. Everyone was out walking, cycling or touring one of the festivals. Consequently the foot traffic was very light, reminiscent of the volume I recalled on the winter storm day in March. In the end, I sold five books which might be considered satisfactory, considering the volume of people in the store, most of whom I considered not of the right type to ever be interested in my book. I did have one satisfying sale, that to a young female who informed me that she was a radio operator in a Bison armoured vehicle with the Royal Canadian Dragoons and she had just come back from Afghanistan. She seemed keen on buying my book and considered the topic important for her to read about. That was satisfying

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