Sunday, June 6, 2010

Revising "Courage Rewarded" for Afghanistan

I have decided to revise Courage Rewarded, extending it to 2009 and providing a snapshot overview of the Canadian war in Afghanistan. This started because I still found some small errors in the present text. So, while correcting these, the Afghan experience has now captured my interest and I want to provide a more encompassing picture of courage in that context to readers.

On doing basic research, I have been impressed by the intensity of battle that our soldiers have been through, of which I am sure the average citizen remains unaware. Perhaps I can help bring out some of this reality, which needs to be better understood. I have already done quite a bit of important editing on the text of the present book (with the help of an excellent professional editor) but the research on Afghanistan is taking longer than hoped. I hope I may contact one or more serving soldiers to interview them to get a better glimpse into their experiences with the main theme of the book (courage & fear) if I can, but who, where and when remain to be decided. I remains to be seen where this goes.

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